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Wynn Casinos post great numbers in July

Posted by : | On : 10-08-2014 | Comments Off on Wynn Casinos post great numbers in July
Wynn Casinos post great numbers in July

Macau casinos have been hit by a surprising downswing last month, with the second half of the World Cup 2014 being the catalyst. Many highrollers decided to trade the poker tables and roulette for the Brazil action, knowing that they can return at any time to resume their gambling activity in East Asia. By comparison American casinos were largely unaffected with Wynn posting impressive numbers for the last two months, far beyond expectations.go2online

The July revenue was so good that casino representatives found it worthwhile to come up with a statement and the forecast for the remaining months of 2014 is equally optimistic. Wynn Casinos runs a very profitable business overseas, with Macau representing the main source of revenue, but it is refreshing to see home casinos returning to profitability. Even though most of the money still comes from Asia, the sudden resurgence of Las Vegas venues was properly celebrated.

Slot games were the exception, because even though they are usually quite profitable and represent the main source of revenue, they generated lower profits than in the previous ones. It is hard to determine why players decided to forsake slot machines, but the fact that they still spun a lot of money at roulette games, baccarat and blackjack made it easy for this shortcoming to go unnoticed.

Wynn Casinos produce a lot of money, but the hotel and resort business is just as profitable, with a significant chunk of July profits being generated by this section. It is hard to believe that August will be equally good, given the fact that July was the best month ever in the history of Las Vegas, but until proven otherwise, casinos representatives are entitled to be happy. The prospect of legalized online gambling is frightening some casino moguls, but Wynn is not particularly concerned.

For the time being, only those who live in Delaware, New Jersey or Nevada can play online poker and other casino games legally, from the comfort of their home. Other states are contemplating similar laws and a handful are even pushing favorable legislation, but it didn’t take a while until online gambling will become legal nationwide. Wynn Casinos will probably exercise the same attraction to prospective customers, because they offer top-notch accommodation at reasonable prices, while the gambling represents only the icing on the cake.

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