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The best EU casinos

The best EU casinos

EU casinoOne would think that the biggest countries got the best online casinopages in EU but thats not the fact. When you are chosing a casino, you should concider a number of things that are important. First of all you need a good variation of games that are developed by big and well known gamedevelopers like NetEnt, Microgaming and other companies in that category. You also need to make sure that the casino got a EU-license and that it´s a secure online casino that uses the latest technology when it comes to money transfer and handling personal information.

Look for Swedish casinos

casino swedenOne of the countries that got the best casinosites in EU is in fact Sweden. These casinos usually got high quality games from the biggest developers and they are very secure and often tested by goverments. The physical place of these casinos are allmost allways on Malta. The reason for this is to make the casino tax free, so that you can win alot of money and withdraw it without having to pay huge amount of taxes. Swedish casinos also have great support that all are speaking english. Sweden is a country well known to be honest and humble, you will also experience this at their casinos and you will most likelly have alot of fun playing at them. casinopånä is a swedish casinoportal where you can find the best casinopages and information about the games that these casinos offer.

Look for Norwegian casinos

casino norwayOnline casino has grown rapidly in Norway the last few years and they are catching up with the Swedish market. However, they do have a long way to go before they can offer a wider range of games that are produced and managed by Norwegian casinos. Norwegian players still play alot on Swedish and other European casinos and we expect it to be like this for another year or two. Norway and Sweden are both very comfortable with eachother and they trust one and another when it comes to services of all kinds. This makes the Swedish casinos grow faster since they are supported by alot of Norwegians. You can visit if you want to read and see more of popular casinos in Norway.

Look for Danish casinos

casino denmarkThe Danish casino market hasn’t grown as fast as other Scandinavian markets but there are still a few very good online casinos available where you can play the most popular games in Europe. There aren’t many Danish owned casinos to choose from but you can find several Swedish, Norwegian and other European casinos that are well known and that seems to be enough for the Danish player. We can expect Denmark to close up on both the Swedish and the Norwegian market, along side with Finland, that reminds alot about the Danish market. It doesn’t really matter if what casino you choose today, they all come in the most languages and they actually get their casino games from the same game developers, such as Net Entertainment, Playtech, MicroGaming etc. Visit if you want to see the online casinos that are available in Denmark today.


High bonuses

It´s not just the games, the support or the secure transaktions that make swedish casinos so good. It´s also the bonuses that really stand out. It´s very common that a swedish casino offer you a 100% bonus when you open an account. They double your money up to as much as 2000SEK, which is about 235 euro. When you register and/or open an account, you also get  a number of free spins at the most popular slots. Depending on which casino you play on, you get 10 to 100 free spins and these spins should be concidered as very valuable since they give you the chance to win alot of money and to continue playing without making a big deposit. So don´t forget your bonus when playing on a swedish casino.