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Live Dealer casino games become the standard online

Posted by : | On : 01-06-2014 | Comments (0)
Live Dealer casino games become the standard online

The popularity of online casino games took the industry experts by surprise as it greatly exceeded expectations, despite the obvious shortcomings. Once the sensitive issue of credibility was settled and prospective players were no longer concerned about the fairness of the algorithms, the business took off. After consecutive years of sustainable growth it looked like it did finally hit a ceiling, as fewer people were willing to trade land-based casinos for their online counterparts.

The reason for why they were reluctant to shift to Internet gambling had to do with their lack of confidence in the software, but also the absence of the proverbial adrenaline rush. The idea that you compete against a program rather than a live dealer is enough to put off many players who travel long distances just to play in brick-and-mortar casinos. Fortunately for the online operators, a solution was found quickly and live dealer casinos gained a lot of traction.go2onlinecasino

Nowadays it is unimaginable for online casinos not to offer live dealer games even if these are restricted to a couple of titles. The ones who embrace this cutting-edge technology first are the ones who are now reaping the benefits, because they have a nice diversity of titles ranging from roulette, to blackjack and baccarat. It goes without saying that video poker and slots don’t need live dealers, but the audience doesn’t expect any change to be implemented and users are perfectly happy with the existing system.

Not only online casinos have embraced the new technology, but they are now going to great lengths to make it as user-friendly as possible. Dedicated bonuses that are reserved exclusively to those who play in the live dealer section are more numerous than ever and sometimes they are more generous than standard ones. The only downside of playing live dealer games is that action unfolds at a slower pace, which kind of defeats the purpose of playing in an online casino.

The bottom line is that for the first time, online casino players have a real choice when it comes to playing their favorite games. A trade-off does exist, but the sacrifices they are expected to make are minimal and they don’t really hurt the gaming experience. Technology gets better every day and with the competition between online casinos being so intense, it is a fair assumption that members will enjoy even better titles.

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