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Christmas bells are still tolling at Aladdin’s Gold Casino Online

Posted by : | On : 07-01-2014 | Comments (0)
Christmas bells are still tolling at Aladdin’s Gold Casino Online

go2onlinecasinoWhen most online casinos announce a promotion, players wonder if there will be strings attached and if they will be limited to a narrow selection of games. It is worth being prudent before investing money online and the gaming community is pretty active and willing to share its wisdom. When it comes to Aladdin’s Gold Casino Online and its latest promotion it might be worth checking out this website for user comments

Aladdin’s Gold Casino embraced the Christmas spirit early this year and introduced the promotion in the first half of December, but few expected it to be endure through January. The RPLS60BELLS promo code is still the one to enter when making an eligible deposit as it will trigger both a cash bonus and free spins. The bonus is calculated as a percentage of the amount deposited and it also grows based on how much players are willing to invest.

For example, if you commit less than $40 you will get a bonus worth 60% while an amount exceeding this limit yet below $100 will result in a bonus of 65%. Last but not least, if you deposit more than $100 you will have 70% more in your account, ready to be used on your game of choice. Things get even better with this promo, because there are also free spins in store, no less than 80 of them that can be used right away on a plethora of games.

The bonus code can be redeemed four times, so if you don’t have all the money at once but want to win as much as possible, this will suit you well. The wagering requirements are easy to meet at slot games, but other genres won’t cause unnecessary headaches either.

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